Andluca Patent Receives Award from the Research and Development Council of New Jersey

The Research and Development Council of New Jersey announced that a patent exclusively licensed by Andluca Technologies among the 2020 Thomas Edison Patent Awards. The patent is licensed from Princeton University, having been authored at Princeton by Andluca’s co-founders Nick Davy (co-founder, CEO), Professor Lynn Loo (co-founder, Scientific Advisor), and former Princeton PhD student Dr. Melda Sezen-Edmonds (Bristol Myers Squibb). Other awardees include several Fortune Global 500 companies noted for their excellence in innovation: ExxonMobil, BASF, Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson company), Merck, Siemens, and Nokia Bell Labs.

A team of R&D Council of NJ researchers reviewed Andluca’s core technology patent against the following award criteria:  significance of the problem the patent solves, utility/socio-economic value, novelty and commercial impact. That certainly aligns well with Andluca’s transparent near-ultraviolet (NUV) solar cells ability to provide local power for electrochromic windows and IoT devices/sensors, transforming everyday objects such as windows, walls, and doors into power-generating surfaces.  

Energy use in buildings represents roughly 40% of US energy demand, with inefficient glass facades a key culprit of building inefficiency and occupant discomfort.  Andluca’s tech brings wireless, renewable power to conventional windows, but it is also an enabling technology for the burgeoning “smart glass” market that electrically tints and clears on demand to control heat gain and daylight. Eliminating the need for wires and the expensive labor to route them through a building is particularly important for building retrofits which is reported to be a $7.3B opportunity for existing office buildings alone.

Andluca’s value proposition has wide international appeal, so commercialization is not limited to the US market. It is therefore significant that this core IP provides broad international protection of UV solar cells and all 29 claims of the patent were allowed when it was granted on November 12th, 2019.  Andluca's co-founders, Yueh-Lin Loo and Nick Davy, and co-author Melda Sezen Edmonds, authored this patent at Princeton University and now have exclusive license to use and offer sub-licenses.

About Andluca Technologies:

Andluca, a Princeton University spin-out, has developed UV-solar-powered smart glass for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Andluca’s patented technologies can reduce building energy use by up to 40% while significantly enhancing occupant comfort and productivity. Unlike available wired smart glass products – which require major renovation and installation by an electrician – Andluca’s wireless smart glass can be installed quickly and non-disruptively. Learn more about Andluca here:

About the Research & Development Council of New Jersey:

The R&D Council collaborate among industry, academia and government to grow and strengthen STEM in education, innovation and the economy. The R&D Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose membership includes representatives from academia, government and industry, including several Fortune 500 companies. More information can be found at the R&D Council’s website:

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