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Andluca designs and develops smart window products powered by proprietary, transparent solar coatings that convert ultraviolet light into in-window electricity. Our transparent solar technologies enable wireless, self-powered smart glass products for homes and buildings.

Andluca is unlocking unprecedented innovation in the window industry. Drawing on expertise in advanced materials, optics, embedded systems, and industrial design, we are enabling intelligent windows that are elegant and easy to use.

Enhancing comfort
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Smart and wireless with seamless  installation.

Our transparent solar power & hardware solutions are enabling a wide array of smart glass products.

Industry-leading transparency

Our UV-harvesting glass is indistinguishable from traditional glass - yet can power the windows of the future.

Simple installation

Andluca's wireless smart glass products can be installed like a standard window or facade, significantly reducing cost, time, and embodied carbon associated with installation. Wireless smart glass simplifies installation in new construction, renovation, and retrofit projects.

Wide range of exciting products

The color neutrality and infrared transparency of our transparent solar glass ensures compatibility with any other window or glass product.

our technology

Partners in innovation

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

How does Andluca’s technology work?

Andluca's photovoltaic and light-harvesting coatings convert near-ultraviolet light into electricity. Andluca's solar cell technologies can be used on any glass surface via a variety of deposition techniques.

Does Andluca make their own dynamic glass?

We do not currently manufacture our own dynamic glass. We have partnerships with existing dynamic glass manufacturers and remain supplier agnostic. This allows our customers a breadth of selection in terms of aesthetics and price points.

What does Andluca do with any excess power?

Electricity generated via UV-Harvesting is converted to stored energy, enabling supply of low-voltage DC power to local systems at any time of day or night and regardless of season.

How does Andluca eliminate the need for wires? How does the power transfer work?

Andluca's UV-Harvesting glass provides in-window power, stored in a miniature, long-lasting, industrial grade battery. Andluca's custom power management system handles DC-to-DC power transfer between the UV-Harvesting glass and electrically-driven components such as dynamic glass (tinting) or smart home device connectivity.

Does this technology work for new buildings or renovation/retrofit?

Wireless smart window products powered by Andluca are the best choice for windows in new construction projects and for windows in existing building renovation or retrofitting.

How does your technology differ from other transparent solar technologies?

Our technology has industry-leading transparency along with color neutrality and near-IR transparency. Those distinctions allow our platform to enable the entire smart glass market as well as a wide range of applications across the glass market.

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If you are interested in joining forces, feel free to reach out to us.

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