New Website, Brand Enhancement: Introducing Andluca's new look and feel

Today, we're excited to unveil Andluca’s refreshed brand and website – developed in partnership with The Branx. We aim to communicate the evolution of our mission: making all windows powered and intelligent.

Why we chose The Branx

Drawing on their extensive experience creating unique brand identities and engaging websites, The Branx’s team effectively guided us through a comprehensive design process. Through this process we determined that the industry-leading transparency of our glass is best communicated via a light and airy website design.

The core of Andluca

Andluca is transforming windows by designing and enabling the next generation of products that are intelligent, efficient, secure, and wellness-enhancing. These wireless smart window technologies are future-ready solutions for homes and buildings, designed for straightforward installation. We are committed to shaping a carbon-neutral built environment that promotes human flourishing.

What changed in our branding

We narrowed our brand colors to communicate innovation, transparency, and trust. Black and white act as the primary colors for a clean and clear appearance. Two tones of violet evoke our core innovation – harvesting ultraviolet light for solar power. Blue accents complement the primary violet tones. These color changes go hand in hand with our refreshed logo focused on communicating transparency. Streamlining our logo and colors better positions our logo to be applied on all brand touchpoints. 

The Updated Website

Our website was redesigned with approachability in mind. The Branx developed illustrations and animations that effectively communicate complex technical concepts while maintaining a straightforward and clean visual design – reflecting our values of transparency and efficiency. We greatly enjoyed working with The Branx to refresh Andluca’s digital identity and highly recommend them as a partner for preparing your brand and website for a growing audience. 

Andluca's Platform

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